Thank you tmisource for providing us updates and pictures…thank you to all the tumblr accounts for their flawless edits, thank you Sony for giving us those stills…thank you internet sites like justjared, etc. for providing the full HD images, than you to all the actors (Jamie, Lily, Godfrey, Kevin, Jemima, Robert, Aidan, Johnathan etc..) for making an excellent job portraying Cassie’s characters…and above all: thank you Cassie for creating this awesome story and world of shadowhunters!

Thank you all for making this day the Best Valentine’s Day in the history of the TMI fandom and the Shadowhunters!

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    Aww thank you! Everyone has been amazing this week. Such a special week for this fandom!
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"You are the first dream of my soul"
"Chi yw’r breuddwyd cyntaf o fy enaid"
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