Rose Hathaway’s facial expressions appreciation post

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The Dance of the Dragons meme: 5 relationships: 1/5: Dragon and Dragonrider (x)

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rosetranier replied to your post: “HIATUS UNTIL JULY 27th”:
good luck and have a great time! :D

thank you babyyy <33

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Anonymous: Can I ask where you downloaded the Well Diggers Daughter?? If you downloaded the full movie

hey I used the trailer but you can download the torrent on kickass. Install the “vuze” aplication first. Then go here and click on the magnet. Your download should start :D

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This is a quick message to tell you all that I’ll be on hiatus until July 27th. My parents just told me we are going on vacations (yesterday they told me we weren’t going). I’ll have to finish the nephilimweek when I get back :( I think I left a queue. BYE BYE ALL! <3

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Teen Wolf - the video game

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"You are the first dream of my soul"
"Chi yw’r breuddwyd cyntaf o fy enaid"
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